Why should you contribute?

The initial RGR Resources investment is over one quarter of a million dollars. These funds are primarily directed for prototype creation, patents, feasibility studies, and real world testing of prototypes.

We are currently securing major capital funding to manufacture product variations that propel our vision toward real world applications, sales and profits.

RGRresouces is currently a privately held venture with prospects of becoming a public corporation.

Please contact us with questions and to become one of our valued investors.

RGR positively impacts:

- Oil independence

- Energy conservation

- Transportation industry

- Renewable & reusable energy




March 2010
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What We Do

We provide financial resources and direction for new products that deliver simple, efficient energy return for energy expended.

  • Develop and create
  • Integrate technologies
  • Secure patents
  • Invest
  • Market
  • Consult

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Address: P.O. Box 34680, Indianapolis, IN 46234 Telephone: 317.388.0552