At RGR Resources, Inc., we understand the vital importance of energy independence. There is a critical need to develop a solution that extends the lfespan of petrochemical supplies and thereby protecting our quality of life well into the future. This is our mission.

Our research and development team is passionate about finding new ways to apply existing energy technology that is vastly more efficient than current methodologies. We are currently researching and developing a product that can revolutionize the transportation industry. This project reallocates existing technology and applies it in new and innovative ways.

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Founder Roch RichardsonRoch Richardson,
Founder and President

Roch founded RGR Resources in 2003 and is passionate about producing products that continue to extend current resources into sustainable energy well into the future. He currently owns several business including General Piping, Inc. (GPI), located just west of Indianapolis. GPI is one of central Indiana’s largest mechanical contracting firms.



March 2010
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What We Do

We provide financial resources and direction for new products that deliver simple, efficient energy return for energy expended.

  • Develop and create
  • Integrate technologies
  • Secure patents
  • Invest
  • Market
  • Consult

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